U-Pick and Sales:


There is nothing else that will give you the selection of quality blueberries like the U-Pick experience.  Every grown berry is selected by you for that perfect pie or smoothie. Sample as many berries as you want to find the right bush for your taste.                                                                                        

Our 1 Gallon U-Pick Bucket of fresh berries is only $11.00




If you do not have time to pick your own berries, you can choose from our fresh or frozen selections.

20 lb. (frozen box - bulk) $55.00

5 Pound box (fresh): $18.00

12 pint flat (fresh):   $34.00


How to get your frozen berries:


You can pick up the berries directly at our farm. Call us at (601) 403 8272 or email at info@pickaberry.com

* We operate via cash or check payments only.

Please call for availability of any size.



Handicapped Accessibility:

We make every effort to help the physical challenged. With advanced notice we can have a  Golf Cart waiting for you at the 
barn when you arrive which will enable you to drive to the fields, between the rows and enjoy picking your own.

To arrange accommodation please call (601) 403 TARA (8272)



U-Pick Instructions:


*   When you arrive at the barn, go thru the double doors on the east side of the barn. Get a bungi cord that best fits around your waist or hooks in the loops of your jeans put the bungi cord thru the handle of the bucket. That way you will have both hands free for putting one berry in the bucket & one in your mouth. Take as many blue liner bags as you need to pick as many gallons as you want to take home. Take extras just in case you pick more than you plan, as so often happens.

*   Read the black board on the far wall in the barn it will tell you how to get to the GATOR FIELD  (i.e. our U-Pick field). It will also give you other information. I have clean port potties near the Gator field also a clean rest room in the barn.

* I can accommodate large groups with advanced notice Call 601-403-TARA leave a message and I will get back to you with answers to your questions.





To freeze blueberries, simply pour them into a zip lock freezer bag and place them in the freezer (leave room in the bag for they will expand), or put them on cookie trays and freeze them, than put them in zip bags.


* Bring water, juice, coolers for a picnic lunch.

* No alcohol, Poplarville is a dry community.

* I have free recipe brochures on the desk in the barn take one and one for your friend.

*Eat as many as you like while picking, I tell people to taste the bush if that is how you like them then pick from that bush.

* Don’t let your children near the ponds, never can tell what may be crawling around there. Bring their cricket traps and take as many home as they want.

* Let them play in the rocks at the barn, let them run & play or have a picnic at one of our many tables under the pine trees. Be careful of the ants, we do not spray poison ants are, believe it or not beneficial, they eat some of our pest that winter in the ground.

* No pets please.

* If you hear thunder leave the fields, get into your vehicle, or come to the barn. You will know why if you look around and see the tops of some of our taller pines and oaks are gone due to lighting.

* Best picking is in the early hours of the morning or in the late afternoon when it is cooler.  Not even our pickers stay out in the fields during the hottest time of the day.

* Take notice to holes in the ground, ruts from our bush hog and lawn mowers.

* Look for our new family of turkeys and white owls, lots of rabbits, all kinds of beautiful birds. Bring your binoculars if you one of our many bird watchers.

* Lastly leave our buckets and bungies at the barn. Fill out the envelopes on the table.



Thank You for visiting with us and as my French grandmother Pinell would say,

"Ya’ll come back now"