Organic Info


Blue Tara Has worked hard for years to earn its organic certification


We are very proud to be the first Blueberry Farm in Mississippi to be awarded its organic certification


The U-picking season starts on June 1st - July 31st. The crew of Blue Tara works year round to cut bushes, grass and remove trees and wild blackberry bushes that loves to grow in the middle of the bushes. We have 25 acres of blueberry bushes to maintain, thanks to Ronnie Coleman Jr., who can weed a field in a matter of a few days. 


The cycle seems endless, than when summer comes around and March 1st is near we start getting excited to see the pink and pink and white flowers emerge from what looks like dead sticks. Than the bees come to do their work thousands of bumble bees, honey bees, blue bees, and the blue orchard bees which is rare to this area, we believe that our being organic helps our bees flourish, and they in turn help produce some of the sweetest berries in the county. 


That is when we clean equipment, the barn and start an open organic garden, and one in our hoop house, while the bees do their work. You do not want to disturb the bees while they work.
No chemicals allowed:


From the time I bought this farm in 1998, I did not believe in chemicals. I have seen what chemicals can do to trees and plants and it is not pretty.

After we clean around the bushes we than cut the grass and direct the cuttings to the middle of the bush, than the leaves fall in the winter along with the berries that fall from the bushes. I believe all this makes for a good combination with pure water from Mother Nature and Sunshine from the heavens the bushes thrive. Most importantly, the good Lord sends us unbelievable amounts of sweet berries.


Back to getting certified: We got advise from the experts got a bio-terrorism plan, got a number from the government, printed maps of the property and the surrounding area, filled out the application sent all this to Jackson, Ms. The inspector came out to do an inspection of the property. He took soil samples from the fields which he sent to be tested.

 Than we wait. At last we get the call:




Note: certified by GAP of Mississippi